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  • Pakistan To Continue Political, Diplomatic Support For Kashmiris : PM           President Terms Current IOJ&K Situation Worst In Recent History           PM Imran Khan Tweets           FM Reaffirms Pakistan's Support For Kashmiris' Just Struggle           Right To Self-Determination Day           
    • AJK TV


    Subsequent to the resolution passed by AJK Legislative Assembly requesting for the establishment of new channel in AJK & directive from the President of Pakistan in the year 2002,it was decided to establish a new TV channel in AJK in early 2004.In pursuance finally a portion of Radio Pakistan building was selected by the Chairman PTV/PBC to serve as AJK TV initially started on 5.2.2004 with its inauguration by President of Pakistan.

    Aims And Objectives

    a. Projection of case of Kashmir Liberation through Production and transmission of Programmes on much border spectrum on social & cultural activities in AJK.
    b. Coverage’s of significant events in AJK like strikes calls, Kashmir solidarity and related matters.
    c. Neutralization of Anti Pakistan propaganda from across the Line of Control and projection of Pakistan point of view on the matter is of vital concerned.
    d. To provide Education Entertainment & Information to the population in the City and as well as to far-flung remote areas.


    Under the resolution passed by Legislative Assembly initiated by the President of Pakistan. AJK TV was established in 2004 and finally inaugurated on 5.2.2004 with well established Studio .Control room and necessary up link with 12 Producers,13 AE’s and other required staff members. This set up was televising 3 hours (from 04.pm to 07.pm)
    Programmes including news and Current Affairs, Entertainment in regional languages covering 08 district of AJK.

    Post Quake AJK

    After the devastating Earthquake of 8th October,2005 the whole construction was up rooted and demolish which was situated on the land of bifurcated with PBC, only some equipment damaged and in non damaged condition were retained at the moment. To reshape AJK TV again a temporary studio was constructed to start temporarily transmission w.e.f 10.08.20006 for the 1st time after join 8th October quake with daily two hours transmission from 5pm to 7pm with following breakdown:-
    a. Gojri News
    b. Kashmiri News

    These two bulletin televised from PTV News at 3pm.After the news fresh production as per local fix point chart were televised including Entertainment, Education, Music with talking & discussion shows etc .Mostly the Programmes are produced in Urdu,Pahari & Gogri language as the people are only capable of understanding & speaking these three languages over AJK.

    The Set Up is divided into two portions, one for recording and transmission along with the office of News Unit Muzaffarabad were all news coverage’s for the occasion are exercised. The administrative control is initiated and carried out by AJK TV whereas the financial matter are settled and accomplished by PTV News Islamabad and the other is administrative set up containing the office of GM,APM and Sr.A, O on rental basis. AJK TV also has administrative control of 03 boasters Kotli, Bagh and Rawalakot.

    Coverage Plan

    Total: 3.5 million
    Covered: 1.6835 million
    Percentage: 40.4619%


    Total: 13297 Sq.kms
    Covered: 2423 sq.kms
    Percentage: 18.22%

    Name Of RBS






    Entry Date


    Population Covered

    0.1093 million
    0.8208 million
    0.1645 million

    Area Covered SQKM


    Through over terrestrial (RBSs Net Work) we cater approximately 1.6835 million people (40.4636%) of the total population of AJK i.e.

    Total Population of AJK 3.5 million
    Covered population 1.6835
    Total area of AJK 13.297 square kilometer
    Covered area by AJK RBSs 2423 Sq Km (18.12%) at AJK

    Fixed Point Chart



    Programmes / Duration (04:pm to 04:20 pm)

    Kashmir Report
    Kashmir Report
    Kashmir Report
    Kashmir Report
    Kashmir Report
    Kashmir Report
    Kashmir Report

    Programmes / Duration (04:20pm to 04:30pm)

    Gojri & Kashmiri News
    Gojri & Kashmiri News
    Gojri & Kashmiri News
    Gojri & Kashmiri News
    Gojri & Kashmiri News
    Gojri & Kashmiri News
    Gojri & Kashmiri News

    Programmes / Duration (04:30pm to 05:10pm)

    Kashmir in focus (Live)
    Kashmir in focus (Repeat)
    Kashmir Magazine
    Mehmaan (Personality profile)
    Sehat Aapki Mashwara Hamara
    Kashmir Round Up
    Special Programme on Kashmiri Culture

    Organizational Chart

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