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    Provision Of Inexpensive Houses To Poor Top Priority: PM

    Prime Minister Imran Khan has said providing inexpensive houses equipped with the latest facilities to the poor people especially the slum dwellers of cities is the foremost priority of the government.

    He was chairing a meeting in Islamabad, which reviewed the progress made so far to use unutilized land and properties owned by federal government.

    The Prime Minister said the construction of multi-storey buildings at Katchi Abadies will help address the issue of providing shelter to the poor and disadvantaged segments of the society.

    On the occasion, the prime minister was informed that the land and properties identified by different ministries and department are located at prime locations of cities including Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore and these are estimated to be worth billions of rupees.

    The meeting was informed that out of thirty two properties, twenty seven are fully available whilst the process has been started to recover the remaining properties from illegal occupation.

    Imran Khan expressed satisfaction over the progress made so far to bring to use the unutilized land.

    He directed that details of all the identified land should be shared with Naya Pakistan Housing Authority so that the appropriate land could be used for the construction of houses for low income groups.

    The Chairman of Naya Pakistan Housing Authority briefed the Prime Minister about the progress made so far to execution housing project for low income groups.

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