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    Historic Sri Lanka Tour Of Pakistan

    Pakistan's first home Test in a decade is affected by bad weather as Sri Lanka to resume their first innings at 282 for 6 if weather permits on fourth day of the first Test in Rawalpindi.

    Earlier, day three was washed out by wet weather except 5.2 overs.

    The umpires called off play at 15:35 pm local time, after only 91 overs of play in three days.

    Sri Lanka progressed to 282 for 6 from an overnight total of 263 for 6, with Dhananjaya De Silva on 87 just 13 runs short of his fourth test hundred.

    Dilruwan Perera was unbeaten on six.

    On Thursday, rain and poor light kept the teams off the field for all but 83 minutes.

    For Pakistan, 16-year-old paceman Naseem Shah 2 for 83 and Shaheen Shah Afridi 2 for 58 were the most successful bowlers.

    The second Test starts in Karachi from December 19.

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